Lowlands Travel

Since Lowlands Travel was started (1999), our way of travelling has been about small groups and getting from one place to another by the most interesting way (not the fastest road!). At the right pace, with lots of flexibility and - of course - heaps of fun.

The driving force behind Lowlands Travel is the owner/driver/guide, Theo Leerintveld. His travels as a tourguide have taken him to all the continents in the world, but being away so much from his beloved homeland, this restless traveller decided to spend more time 'in his own backyard'. Lowlands Travel was born!

Our personalized tours are run by a local Dutch guide who will be young (at least at heart), full of knowledge about our interesting history, a safe driver, energetic, fun-to-be with and trained to deliver a top quality trip. They are your personal tour guide and local advisor. Not just someone earning a few extra euro's before their visa expires. These guides are widely recognised as being the best there are in the Low Countries- you'll notice the difference! The guide will give you more background-information about Holland & Belgium than any guidebook ever could.

Travelling in small groups of no more than 9 people gives you lots of freedom-much like you would have if you were travelling with friends. In fact, on a Lowlands Travel trip, you will be surrounded by friends. A large percentage of our travelers come as singles to us. So combine the freedom of being an individual with the benefits of travelling in a group (cheaper entrance-tickets, quick transport, and the finest accommodations). You don't lose valuable time by standing in long lines or figuring out what's the most beautiful way to take, so you have more time to enjoy your stay in Holland & Belgium. Besides the comraderie, joining a group offers more security than travelling on your own.

Ever dreamed about sleeping in a 13th century romantic castle, without spending your life-time savings? During our tours we use a wide variety of ***hotels and what ever else is typical Dutch or delights your stay in the Low Lands. Expect the unexpected!

Holland is a perfect country to tour by automobile. The roads are outstanding, down to the smallest country road, which we take most of the time for true scenic beauty. Our spacious, luxury nine seated Hyunday coach is well equipped for long journeys. The mini-bus is custom designed with your comfort in mind. They have comfortable seating, large windows excellent for photography and a full stereo compact disc player. So bring your own music along! Please don't take more than one piece of luggage with you, a backpack is our favorite bag. No smoking on the bus please, however the bus stops frequently.

Remember to take it easy and let the other one's rush...

Take the Lowlands Travel bus!

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